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High-Quality Commercial Blueprint Services by Kern Architects

Kern Architects provides high-quality commercial drawings for commercial and industrial clients throughout the Gulf Coast. With our detailed plan at your disposal, your project will be outlined in great detail to ensure proper construction and outfitting. Whether you need an architectural drawing to get approval for your new building or you need to detail the addition of an office wing, we provide a professional and innovative commercial blueprint for your design-build project.


Commercial Blueprints for Managing and Executing Your Project

Drawings are the first step in creating the commercial space you need to succeed in your industry. At Kern Architects, we believe a building should not only be functional, but also customized to support your needs, and beautiful to create a welcoming environment. With that in mind, we sit down with you to discover what functionality your building requires. From there, we’ll advise you on budget, site selection, and design to optimize the space to its fullest potential.

After finalization, we’ll build you a professional commercial blueprint for your commercial project. We detail:

With a detailed commercial blueprint from Kern Architects in Baton Rouge that each of your vendors can follow easily, your project will be on the right track for on-time and on-budget execution.

We Supply Different Types of Blueprint Plans

Drawings come with different details for your needs. When you need to sell your project to prospective investors, we supply you with a presentation drawing. When you need a detailed plan for your construction team, we provide you with a construction drawing. No matter what type of commercial blueprint you need, we supply high-quality print and digital copies

Contact Kern Architects in Baton Rouge for Commercial Blueprints and Project Management

At Kern Architects, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive design-build architectural services. With over 20 years of experience in providing architectural project management from concept to completion, we are able to finish your project with minimal disruption. Whether you only need commercial drawings designed for your space or you need complete management of your entire project, trust the experts at Kern Architects.